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    To keep you playing, Nintendo added various unlockables & secrets to Star Fox 64 that really tested your skills. For medals, there’s really only three important unlockables.[…]
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    No other video game company handles console accessories quite like Nintendo does. From the Power Pad to the Power Glove (“It’s so bad”) and dozens of others,[…]
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    When it comes to the best armor in Super Mario RPG, it’s a fairly straightforward selection. Most armor pieces in the game are designated to a single[…]
  • Required Revivals: Jet Force Gemini
    For those of us growing up in the 90s, 3d games were coming at us fast. Once Super Mario 64 came out, all bets were off and[…]
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    Released in 1996 for the Super Nintendo, Super Mario RPG has turned into a timeless classic. For those having trouble or for anyone who wants to play[…]
  • List of All Mario Education Games
    Popularized in the 80’s and 90’s, educational games were all the rage in schools and for parents looking for a fun way to teach their kids match,[…]
  • Top 3 Winter Video Game Levels
    Snow covered levels have a way of both mixing up standard game mechanics while offering a different perspective of immersion in video games. When done correctly, you[…]
  • The Best Weapons in Super Mario RPG (And where to find them)
    Super Mario RPG Legend of the 7 Stars is perhaps one of the greatest RPGs on the SNES. Like virtually every other RPG in existence though, every[…]