Top 3 Winter Video Game Levels

Snow covered levels have a way of both mixing up standard game mechanics while offering a different perspective of immersion in video games.

When done correctly, you can experience a beautiful level. One that has a catchy or somber background music, a fresh take on gameplay, and a breathtaking landscape or level design.

Today we’ll take a look at 5 of the best winter themed video game levels and what made them stand out.

1. SkiFree

Anxiety: The Game

Okay. So we’re going to cheat a little with this one. Since there’s only one level in the game (that loops), it’s based entirely in the snow.

Released in 1991, this was many a Windows user’s time-killing game of choice. Although it’s very dated, at the time the mechanics were fun and intuitive.

At the core of the game however is the surprise “boss” The Abominable Snowman. After you pass the 2,000 meter mark, the game instead becomes a chase as he will continue to chase you for as long as you play.

2. Cool Cool Mountain

We were all thinking it.

Who doesn’t love some good penguin characters?

For Nintendo fans, Cool Cool Mountain is one of the quintessential snow levels on the Nintendo 64. Featuring a catchy theme that would fit in Scandinavia, this level was where many players first encountered sliding.

The giant slide on the inside of the map was perhaps the most memorable inclusion to this level. This featured two separate stars, a giant penguin, and an exciting hidden shortcut.

3. Horizon Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds

Are you up for some ice-capades?

When Horizon Zero Dawn came out, it took the console gaming world by storm. With its great story, interesting combat, and appealing characters, it really deserved all of its recognition.

The DLC of this game put Aloy in Wyoming to explore the region and solve the mystery of new machines.

What made this level appealing was the amount of lore and extra content. Instead of taking away from the main segment of the game, it helped build a more complete and impressive world.