Top 3 Jet Force Gemini Songs

Since 1986, Rare has had it’s fair share of failures and successes. With Banjo-Kazooie just released and looking to score another success, the Blast Corps team at Rare released a very unique shooter for the N64.

Outside of it’s clunky controls and quirky story, there was an amazing soundtrack that ranged from the bombastic title sequence that reminded you of a military march to the serene water theme of a flooded world.

The JFG soundtrack has a lot to offer. In today’s blog, we’ll be looking at what I think are the top 3 best songs from this iconic N64 game.

Water Ruins

A personal favorite, the Water Ruins level is distinct as this is only level in the game with no enemies. After landing on the only spot of land your ship can fit, you’re immediately greeted with a small castle and endless water.

The music really helps push that this is a desolate world. Judging by the few tribals around and alive, something happened recently to create this serene but uninhabitable world.

This song features two separate sections. The beginning has a soft harp and piano undertones that give off a calming feeling. This is followed by a sudden but epic string section that really immerses you in this small but rich world.

Floyd Missions

Although not technically side missions the Floyd missions definitely give off that mini-game feel. They are required to complete the game though and I am thankful for that.

All the missions are fairly difficult to perfect have a similar feel. You take control of Floyd with his laser blasters and shoot obstacles or collect items (in typical Rare fashion). You then receive an award based on time completion and collectables/objectives.

Despite having to repeat these missions multiple times, you won’t notice it as much with this theme. Starting off with an exciting brass entrance, you’re then pulled forward with the melody as you try to perfect your run.

Main Theme

The JFG main theme is perhaps one of my favorites from the N64 era. Rare actually did a neat concept where the title screen will actually change based on the characters you’ve unlocked and how far you’ve gotten in the game.

The bombastic brass overture really gives off the military/hero feel. Right when you start the game you’ll be instantly pulled into the world when the trumpets start their intro. This really got me hyped every time I started the game and despite it’s short runtime, can be a joy to listen to in your free time.

This all culminates to a final title screen where the heroes are doing the slow hero walk with fireworks in the background. That’s where this theme truly shines.