Super Mario RPG Cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, Secrets & Tricks

Released in 1996 for the Super Nintendo, Super Mario RPG has turned into a timeless classic. For those having trouble or for anyone who wants to play around more in their second play through, this guide will highlight some important and fun tips and tricks.

Super Mario RPG Cheats

Easily Level Up

Throughout the game you will find Stars in a box that grant you invulnerability and, if you touch an enemy, easy experience to help level up.

As the game’s mechanics let you keep your experience after you die, all you have to do is grab the star, get the experience, then let your party die. Once you return back to the save point, you’ll have all your new experience with the option to grab the star from the box again.

There is a good video here that helps show how this trick works.

Infinite Coins, Maple Syrups, Rock Candies, & Flower Tabs

In Seaside Town, there is a collection of shops in the back. The far left door is just a standard shop but the shop next to it is where the “The Mushroom Boy” is.

Item Shop on the left, Mushroom Boy on the right.

Simply put, all you need to do is buy mushrooms from the item shop then head to the Mushroom Boy and give him these mushrooms.

Once you give him a mushroom, you have a chance of getting either a maple syrup, rock candy, flower tab, or something nothing at all. From here, you can sell those items for more than you bought the mushroom for.

Spell Transfer Glitch

This trick requires the characters you want to switch spells with, that character’s next level having the desired spell, as well a star that you’ll find around the game.

While you’re mid jump to grab the star, switch the character that is going to get the desired spell from leveling up to the character you want to learn the spell.

Once the star finishes up, that character should now get the new spell during the level up.


Secret Forest Treasure

If you talk to a toad in Rose town, he’ll give you some cryptic advice to go left, left, straight, and right.

Go back to the Forest Maze. At the maze section, follow those directions and you’ll end up at a dead end with a tree trunk. Head down and you’ll find a flower, a mushroom, a frog coin, and two coin boxes.

Easter Eggs

Samus & Link Cameo

Link makes a small cameo at the Rose Town Inn. Spend the night there and you’ll find him sleeping in the other bed. If you interact, the game plays the puzzle solved sound effect from the Legend of Zelda Games.

Once you beat Belome a second time but before you get to Nimbus Land, head back to the Mushroom Castle. Head to the guest room to the right and you’ll find Samus resting up for Mother Brain.

8-Bit Mario

This one is a little harder to miss but during the Booster Tower climb, you’ll enter a room with a red curtain. If you go behind the curtain you’ll turn into a classic 8-bit Mario for a short time before reverting back.

Princess Peach’s ???

When you go Princess Peach’s room and examine beside the right side of the fireplace, text will appear saying “Found Toadstool’s ???”.

If you do this before the princess joins the party, the attendant will bribe you into silence. If you examine it after she joins, she’ll scold you for not respecting her privacy.

Probably just a love letter to Luigi.