The Best Weapons in Super Mario RPG (And where to find them)

Super Mario RPG Legend of the 7 Stars is perhaps one of the greatest RPGs on the SNES. Like virtually every other RPG in existence though, every character has a best weapon. Here we’ll take a quick look at what the best weapons are for the five playable characters, what they do, and where to find them.


Nintendo’s favorite character is back. Going past his tried and true hammer, Mario can also use koopa shells and some good ol’ fisticuffs to take down enemies.

Probably the hardest of the five weapons to find, you are required to find two items; the “Fertilizer” & “Seed”.

The seed is pretty hard to miss. While you’re in Bean Valley, you have to take out the final boss of the area, Megasmilax. After you take him out, a Shy Away will fly away and drop a little note. Inspecting it lets you decide to pick up the seed.

An obvious plant for something we’ll need later

The fertilizer however is a lot less intuitive.

After beating Valentina, head back to Nimbus Land. If you go to the right side of the map and walk along the edge you’ll soon come to an invisible bridge.

Keep walking to the right and you’ll find a Shy Away. Talk to them and they’ll give you the fertilizer.

Mario cloud is content
Easily acquired for when you’re ready to dish some dirt

Once you’ve collected these items, head back to Rose Town and go to the area at the back of the map.

From here, enter the house and talk to the gardener.

After a lengthy discussion, give him the seed and fertilizer and he’ll plant them in his oversized pot and a huge stalk will grow that you can climb from outside his house.

At the top, you’ll find two items. The weapon and armor both called Lazy Shell.

The armor is has an extremely high defense but will drop your speed as well as magical/attack power. The weapon however is the strongest of the game but with a large variation of damage dealt.


The frog prince himself. His main weapons throughout the game are his fists, sticks, and cymbals?

Quite a unique weapons, the Sonic Cymbals are the best weapon for Mallow.

To get this weapon, make your way to the six door puzzles in Bowser’s Keep.

Time for some platforming puzzles

When you first get to these doors, you’ll only be able to do four before you get sent to the next area of the game. Don’t worry though as you can come back after you beat the bosses.

There are two doors of the following types; platforming, puzzles, and battles.

The Sonic Cymbals are found in the platforming levels with the vertical platforms you have to jump on.

Honestly harder than it looks

All you have to do is make it to the end and you’ll find it in the final chest.

A crashing success


The fan favorite of the game. This star warrior sports a varying array of weapons that he shoots from his arm/hand/fingers.

Geno’s best weapon is the Star Gun and can also be found in Bowser’s Keep at the 6 doors.

Find the battle course that starts out with 5 Gu Goombas. Once you finish fighting through the 12 battles, open the last chest to receive the Star Gun and increase Geno’s attack.

Get ready for 10 minutes of fighting
The aptly named gun


Finally on your side, King Koopa his claws and chain chomps to take down his foes.

Bowser’s final weapon is the drill claw. This screeching (you’ll find out once you use it) weapon is also found at the 6 doors.

Go through the other battle course that starts with 4 Terra Cottas (the ones with the red shells and blindfolds).

At the end of the trek you’ll find a chest with the weapon. This will give a good increase to Bowser’s attack power.

Getting tired of fighting yet?

Princess Peach

It’s not everyday you get to to play as her highness which to my knowledge is the second time after Mario Kart for the SNES.

The Frying Pan is the easiest best weapon to get. Once you finish beating the PowAxem Rangers, head back to Moleville.

Go into the shop and buy Item #3: The Metal Plate for 300 coins. This weapon gives an overall boost to her attack power.

Technically true

Outside of the Lazy Shell, most of these weapons are easy to find and will give a sizeable boost to the characters attack power. This should make taking out Smithy a lot easier.