Super Mario RPG Best Armor & Where to Find Them

When it comes to the best armor in Super Mario RPG, it’s a fairly straightforward selection.

Most armor pieces in the game are designated to a single character of which there are around 4-8 options to choose for each one.

There are however three armor items in the game that can be used by anyone. Below I’ll list the best armor for each character and where to find them.

Bowser’s Keep – Croco’s Shop

Okay, so finding the best individual armor for each character is actually extremely easy.

While you are finishing up Bowser’s Castle as the end of the game, you’ll fight a brainwashed Magikoopa.

Once you beat him, he’ll spawn a block that will spawn infinite coins. This will be useful as Croco has set up shop through the door on the left.

Each piece of armor costs 100 coins which will set you back 500 coins if you buy one for each character. The armor for each character is as follows:

CharacterItemDefenseMagic DefensePriceLocationDescription
MarioHero Shirt4824100Croco’s 2nd Shop in Bowser’s KeepA legendary shirt.
MallowPrince Pants4221100Croco’s 2nd Shop in Bowser’s KeepLegendary Pants.
GenoStar Cape3618100Croco’s 2nd Shop in Bowser’s KeepA legendary cape.
BowserHeal Shell2412100Croco’s 2nd Shop in Bowser’s KeepA legendary shell.
Princess PeachRoyal Dress4824100Croco’s 2nd Shop in Bowser’s KeepA legendary dress!

The other three armor items are located throughout the game.

ItemSpeedAttackMagic AttackDefenseMagic DefenseLocationDescription
Work Pants51010155Bought for 22 coins at the shop in MolevilleSweaty Work Pants!
Lazy Shell-50-50-50127127Found in the clouds above the Rose Town Gardner. Can be acquired via the Lazy Shell sidequest)A stout and durable shell. (Prevents status ailments)
Super Suit3050505050Talk to Chow in Monstro Town once you complete 100 successive “Super Jumps” in Mario’s Special AttackA truly fine suit. (Also prevents Status ailments)

The Lazy Shell Armor is very good but is best equipped on Peach as this greatly increases her survivability.

The Super Suit is easily the best armor in the game but takes a lot of practice and technical experience to do 100 Super Jumps in a row.

If you are looking for the best weapons in the game, we have a guide here to help!