• Star Fox 64 Medals
    To keep you playing, Nintendo added various unlockables & secrets to Star Fox 64 that really tested your skills. For medals, there’s really only three important unlockables. To unlock expert mode, you need to earn a medal on all 15 levels in normal mode Earning a medal on Venom in normal mode unlocks tank combat[…]
  • The SNES Super Scope Guide
    No other video game company handles console accessories quite like Nintendo does. From the Power Pad to the Power Glove (“It’s so bad”) and dozens of others, Nintendo seemed to prefer testing the limits of what gamers want. The Super Nintendo had some of the greatest accessories that expanded the console’s capabilities such as the[…]
  • Super Mario RPG Best Armor & Where to Find Them
    When it comes to the best armor in Super Mario RPG, it’s a fairly straightforward selection. Most armor pieces in the game are designated to a single character of which there are around 4-8 options to choose for each one. There are however three armor items in the game that can be used by anyone.[…]
  • Required Revivals: Jet Force Gemini
    For those of us growing up in the 90s, 3d games were coming at us fast. Once Super Mario 64 came out, all bets were off and game developers were scrounging to recreate that success. So in comes Rare. Formerly called Ultimate Play The Game (and released games under Rareware as well), they were the[…]
  • Super Mario RPG Cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, Secrets & Tricks
    Released in 1996 for the Super Nintendo, Super Mario RPG has turned into a timeless classic. For those having trouble or for anyone who wants to play around more in their second play through, this guide will highlight some important and fun tips and tricks. Super Mario RPG Cheats Easily Level Up Throughout the game[…]